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The Crow's Enchanted Dance: The Phenomenology of Sacred Place and Sacred Space
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By Dr. K. Mark Hilliard                                                       with photojournalist Emily Mae Bergeron

ISBN 978-0996696296

Dr. Hilliard has devoted his academic life, as a professor of wellness, behavioral science, human performance, and higher education, to examining the concepts of spirituality, sacred place, and sacred space both intellectually and experientially. He has analyzed hundreds of books on these topics, interviewed an abundance of those who have witnessed their phenomena, and visited countless sacred sites in the United States, England, Ireland, and France, including a period of time living on the Eastern Band of the Cherokee Indian Reservation.

In this text, he shares words derived from his personal journals. Pondering reflections of what he has learned along his journey. One of his significant findings is that research into sacred place and sacred space most
often occurs in the plural sense of sacred places and sacred spaces. Yet, until we understand the singular aspect of a sacred place and a sacred space, we cannot begin to comprehend their plural form.

His purpose in putting his thoughts and experiences about sacred place and sacred space into print is to assist fellow explorers in opening their conscious, subconscious, and unconscious minds, as well as their spiritual, meta-physical, and meta-cognitive pathways toward experiencing the sacred enchantment that lies within sacred place and space. He has determined we make this journey into enchantment by entering a state of being he refers to as in-spirit. Within these pages, he shares how to begin and maintain this quest.